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Our Conclusion


Celebrities, whether they are known to the world or in a society, influence young people in a good or bad way. The only way it happens is because we accepted it. We also know that this issue happens within an organizational context. There are certain employee ”celebrities” that affect or influence other employees.

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In recent years the Arab world has been introduced to a variety of reality television shows that are imitations of shows aired in the United Sates and the United Kingdom. Some shows were taken off air shortly after they were introduced because they seem to cross cultural and religious boundaries, for example  Big Brother.

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You may be wondering “Ok… so how is this topic related to HRM? The thing is it is related and in many ways. Issues like this happen in organizations around the world but no-one thinks about it in relation to our topic. There is always somebody in an organization who is famous for whatever reason he/she has. Maybe because it is the way that person looks, or how he/she dresses, or how he/she speaks, or maybe it is because of their performance; there are so many reasons to why there are “celebrities” within an organization and the same goes on in school and in university, we have all gone through this.

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Celebrities can affect the young minds of a community in the most constructive way the can. Celebrities are aware of their impact on the minds of their young fans, whether good or bad, some use their power in a good while some abuse. Their experiences are often photographed and then distributed to the public. The photographic use that they are in usually in are portrayed in relation to fashion, art, physical attractiveness, and make up; this sets a very odd impression to the young minds.

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The common areas where celebrities are influential to young Emiratis are:

  1. Clothing
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Diet
  4. Behaviour
  5. Language


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OK… so now you got the basic idea of our topic… this is where things get sort of deep….

Let me remind you about what identity formation means, it’s in the 2nd post, identity formation is intending to improve or change a distinct personality of an individual….

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